Some Random Shoots in New Jersey

So on my way to NYC, I stayed in a friend’s house. The surroundings are quiet and peaceful, so I was in the mood of shooting some pictures. Here are several pics.

There are lots of little clay made statues in the front yard. And the back yard is for BBQs, which is AWESOME!


A little “Ice-man”
Back yard BBQ
One of the Clay Statues
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A “Dead” Neighborhood

I took these photo to remember the place I lived during winter time in 2015. This is in St Paul, Minnesota. I found this area quiet and peaceful, and I never saw any one walking on the street while I was shooting (that’s where I get the title!)


Wang_Zijian_Final_7 Wang_Zijian_Final_8 Wang_Zijian_Final_5 Wang_Zijian_Final_6 Wang_Zijian_Final_3 Wang_Zijian_Final_4 Wang_Zijian_Final_2 Wang_Zijian_Final_1

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