The Story of an Artist (Rough Animation 3)

//update note: Re-did the first scene, and basically everything. 


Only animated the triangle movement just to show my vision of shapes’ movement and how colors shift, waiting for crits on it.

// Followed the comments from the last update. Stuck with the deck and storyboard and, it actually feels better now, I think.

Latest presentation (not updated): Story of an Artist Pitch 10.14.


The Story of an Artist (Rough Animation 2)

//update note: Changed the depth of field effect to color tints.

There are two demo animations this time.

Demo 1 and Demo 2.

The difference starts at 0:07, the alinement of different elements are different, wanna hear suggestions on with one might be better? The way they exit is roughly the reverse of the way they join.

Presentation from the last post: Story of an Artist Pitch 10.14.

The Story of an Artist (Rough Animation 1)

//update note: Changed duration of music as suggested last post; Started animating roughly. 

Demo Animation: here.

What this demo shows:

  1. Styles: Depth of field effects, basic compositions, ideas on how to move and how to transform between scenes;
  2. Pacing of the first half part.

What I’m working on currently:

  1. Get the movement correct, and better timing;
  2. Textures on objects are not yet added;
  3. Colors are not yet adjusted to match style frame;
  4. The latter half of the piece.

What I’m having problems with:

  1. At time 0:06 and 0:21 – the way of introduction feels odd.
  2. How can I point every triangle towards the yellow ball without having to keyframe them? Still figuring that out.
  3. What do you feel about the unfinished half, just from the storyboard itself? Is it clear enough or should I keep doing it till it conveys the idea clearer?

NEW Presentation with the updated storyboards: Story of an Artist Pitch 10.14.

The Story of an Artist (Storyboard Version-2)

//update note: storyboards now are colored and textured. Although I am not happy with what it is right now. I feel like there needs to be more contrast in some way/form; right now the “artist” and the “others” are just the same color value, not very different from each other. And there’s something that’s missing, can’t point my finger exactly onto anything. Need help and direction  😦 

Again, sound here. (Download for a better experience. Streaming it is buggy.)

Presentation: Story of an Artist Pitch 10.8