MoGraphPort. HW1: Little About Me Post

What’s my favorite: 
A. Film Director
B. Designer
C. Architect
D. Musician
E. Photographer
F. Time Period
G. Film or TV show.

Film Director – First person pops up in my mind got to be Tim Burton. His weird imagination is just killing it: not only the visuals are powerful, but also the loneliness and that “nobody understands me” vibe just speaks to me. 

Designer – 🤷‍♂️ I don’t know/remember any names besides Paul Rand and Saul Bass. And I have to Google Saul in order to spell his name right… 

Architect – Same situation as designers, I only know Zaha Hadid… God I’m ignorant. 

Musician – I listen to a wide verity of music. From 9th symphony to some random Youtube dubstep remix. Really haven’t found any artist or band that can just keep producing extreme high-quality music, so I don’t have a favorite. The closest one to being perfect in my mind is probably a band called “The Score”. They have many great ones like Legend, Unstoppable, Higher, Never Going Back etc. 

Photographer – Ughhh! I don’t know. Not anyone with an Instagram account that’s for sure. 

I really like this picture by Nobuyoshi Araki. I find it shows a perfect vibe of Asian aesthetic (at least in my opinion.) But I’m not really into the rest of his pictures.


Time Period – Any time period when mankind doesn’t exist is a good time period. 

Film/TV Show – It used to be Batman series by Christopher Nolan and TV Show Gotham from Fox. But just like any TV show, the writer gone mad and just started to bull shit and I’ve stopped watching Gotham from… Season 3 maybe? 

Actually, the first movie that just blew my mind is Tim Burton’s Batman series. The penguin in this film just, in my opinion, has the best character design of all Batman movies. Since then this penguin just stays in my head and I just can’t help comparing it with every other Oswalds in later Batman films and shows. (and this dude wins every time)



1 thought on “MoGraphPort. HW1: Little About Me Post”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed Batman Returns as well.
    Please move on to starting a project. Move on to by choosing one of the assignments.


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