Ideas for Proj. 1

Chromatic Rhythm

Since it’s the earlier part of the semester, I would like to do something that might require some more work then just doing regular AE/C4D animation. I am thinking about adding some fun into the peace, like more variety of styles, make it feels like a collage!

Brain Storm 1 MoGraph
Some ideas of what to show.

First question is whether I want to show only a series of color, as my favorite color, or show every color that I like, without having to pick one out and stage it as my favorite. If the whole sequence is going to be around 15 seconds, then I think, for the sake of continuity, maybe just pick one main color is for the best, then for compliments, there can and must be a few more colors of the same family. (ie. red as main, orange and yellow just to spice things up.)

Second consideration would be, of what form do I want to present this piece? And at what pace/editing style?

Currently, I'm thinking about these styles: 
1. Clean, fresh renders from Cinema 4D; 
2. vector based motion graphics with clean yet detailed illustration style; 3. (Hopefully,) live shootings of water color or other forms showing colors; 
4. collage of photos showing color chunks, but they have to be fitting with the style of the whole piece. 

As for the editing style, fast pace cuts with some flip transitions? Still thinking 🤔

Style References:

Style References
A verity of styles is the key. How to keep the consistency is also one thing to keep in mind.

Thoughts: maybe I can make this a 15 second self identity intro. (refer to this project.)


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