The Story of an Artist (Storyboard Version-3)

//update note: storyboards now in motion. 

Animated storyboard here

A sample of what I am thinking as for the movement: here.

Presentation from the last update: Story of an Artist Pitch 10.8


1 thought on “The Story of an Artist (Storyboard Version-3)”

  1. I’m sure you already realize that it’s too long and slow. Your gonna need to edit it down. Also frame 3 needs more exploration and purpose. I think a good way for that would be starting the animation with only triangles moving past the screen in your triangle formation. Kinda like birds travel in groups. Then you move down to the 5 friends who are different shapes. Then more triangle zoom by like they are going to work. Like a rush hour in the morning. Then the different shape friends transform into triangles and zooming away with the traffic.

    Then the circle is left alone. Then you can continue with your story.

    That do you think? This will help give the purpose of the shapes and as well start the viewer thinking about how people conform to society and how the circle it trying to be different.


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